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Hello friends and partners,

We hope you are in good health! New year, new luck! Therefore, we believe that we should start 2021 with a little different positive (hopefully) feedback and attitude.

During the so-called lockdown we did not stay with cross hands. On the contrary. Everything happens for a reason and something useful and good can be deduced from every situation.

We are recahed you to ask you to give your feedback for working with us: and

We will be happy to receive information about what you liked, what would be good to improve and whether you would use our services again in the coming years?

Of course, in order to compensate for your time, we will give one of you a PREMIUM PACKAGE for advertising in worth BGN 149.00. Which you can use when you want by the end of 2021.


How would you rate 2020?
What are your expectations for 2021?
What are your plans for organizing events?
What would motivate you to announce an event?
(Optional) What did you like about working with Ticket BG in the last year?
Are there any recommendations for us?