Evento - Smart event promotions is an innovative platform, developed to promote your events in a wide network of partnering websites and advertising channels successfully!

Furthermore our different modules communicate to each other with the goal to save time and optimise the ROI.

All you need to do is submit your event information just once, entering all event details within a few simple steps and we will make sure it is displayed in as many relevant websites and other advertising channles as possible with Eventiplier!

Simply fill in the venue, date, category and genre, and performing artists - choose how extensive you want the promotional campaign to be. and Eventiplier will take care of the rest. We will also keep you updated with detailed reports and statistics on how your event and promotion campaigns perform!

One admin panel - various marketing modules and advertising channels


Automatically publish information about your event in the calendars of dozens of mainstream media 


  • "Live" links to your event in each calendar in which we publish information about your event
  • Detailed real-time statistics - broken down for each event calendar in which we publish your event
    • Search appearences
    • Number of people who read more details about your event
    • Clicks to a your website, ticket company or other
    • Statistics on the sources of tickets sold (if you sell through our platform)


Email Newsletter IconEmail newsletter to tens of thousands of registered users

  • Possibility for targetting by interests and location
  • Ability to customize the message to each recipient for extra payment
  • We provide complete statistics on the effectiveness of the campaign in your admin panel. 


Banner Advertising Icon - EventiplierSmart Banner advertising campaign with the options to:

  • Target by:  location, age, website content etc.
  • Remarketing based on: Visitors of your previous events , visitors of other events in the same category in our network for the past 12 months
  • Auto - optimization - we're showing your ads in the websites and to the type of people showing the best results and ROI

Social Media Sharing Icon - Eventiplier

Automatic social media sharing

  • In suggested by our system or pre-selected and sent to us by you groups in Facebook or LinkedIn
  • You get a list with links to every publication after the campaign is expired


Viral, Affiliate and Influencer marketing instruments

  • Module for organizing raffles for free tickets for your event

    • The game is bieng promoted in all websites part of our network
    • You can use it as a tool for segmentation by asking questions
    • You can use it as a voting tool (i.e. Vote for the player of the game or for your favorite artist of the month)
    • You give few tickets only and your game is promoted in more than 60 websites and their social media outlets at the same time
    • You have the ability to contact all participants in the game (i.e. to send to everyone that did not win a promocode for discount for tickets in your event)
    • You get full statistics for views, readings and participants in the game, broken down by sites and advertising channels (Email, Banner, Social Networks - we support the detection of individual posts)
  • Affiliate marketing module for ticket sales 
  • Influencer module with pay per results option (i.e. pay % for each Ticket sold thanks to the influencer and for each participant registered for your viral contest game)  

TICKET SALES MODULE (Available also as a SaaS through www.bilet.bg)

  • You can sell from your own website or Facebook page
  • You are in control (Start and stop events and or price categories from sale)
  • Detailed statistics for each step of your campaign
  • Various payment methods (10+ supported - possibility to sell in any currency)
  • Additional marketing tools (Promo codes, Waiting lists, Dynamic pricing and many more)
  • Seat selection module
  • Offline ticket verification via barcode reader or directly from your phone
  • Network of point of sales throughout the country
  • Click here for a full presentation of our ticketing system 

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Eventiplier saves us days of manual submitting to websites. Half of my administrator’s work days was spent in submitting our events to different calendars. Now she is concentrated on improving our day to day operations.

Georgi AngelovClub Owner

Before we started using Eventiplier, we couldn’t understand is there a point to submit our events to different calendars. Now we are able to track the statistics of the sales and visits from each website our event is displayed in and to invest our marketing money ONLY in websites that really sell!

Rumen VatkovSales Manager – Legion Run

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Enter your event details just once


Select the types of websites you want your event to appear in and the type of listing (Standard, Professional or Premium)


Enjoy successful event promotion as we spread out your event, providing progress reports and real-time statistics