About Eventiplier

Eventiplier is a dedicated network for the event and entertainment industry, where promoters and publishers collaborate effectively, while participants and visitors receive a high-quality service.

Our platform is developed to provide a unique gateway for attendants to participate in a wide variety of desired events and purchase their tickets online, while we deliver our core service of connecting event promoters and venue operators with media outlets and publishers for highly-efficient, automated digital event marketing.

For event organizers, Eventiplier allows to seamlessly submit and list a broad range of events, promote them across multiple media and communication channels and sell tickets online to a vast, targetted audience. We enable you to easily create your event, set up and manage all details, needed to present it in the most attractive and specific fashion, so it gains wide exposure in our partnering media and promotional campaigns.

There is a lot for event participants, who simply select their preferred event category, location and dates to find exciting music and festival events, art and culture displays, sports, theater and many more popular community events!

Media outlets and publishers benefit too, as they can increase their readership and monetize traffic through advertising various events, targetted for their audience.